segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2022

Who Are Men?

Our people there would never work for Putin Corporation. The guy is obsessed with "power" just like the North Korean fake punk. They can't stand the rule of losing a lie to gain the Truth; they feel like they are nothing without it and at the same time they don't (want to?) know they are still nothing with it; they have believed its false change. Now they can't even think of letting go of that, in the exact same way dependent "lovers" can't.

Whenever you your self are no real thing, any fake thing is good for you. That's why all those "musicians" hate me and make war, because ever since I've disclosed that people have, are nothing and must search for Truth in order to change, I have become the greatest threat to their business of idle souls and the maintenance of its infection.

I know you all fear the fear of bad luck...

I've told you the search was fundamental.