segunda-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2022

Are You Good At Loving Butterflies?

Some never have a chance

Some throw their chance away

Their Constellation

I've already demonstrated the rock they breathe. So when they say, "show us your tattoo", you can be sure there is an egomaniacal perversion from hell there. They relish the infection, and they don't want it washed away by no Blood. Seeing themselves and their falsehood running through people's veins is what makes them happy, feel alive.

It's good to know that it's your time now to feel troubled.

sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2022

You All Are A Fraud

The guy sitting at the side of satan and recently frightened by the imagination of dying from the virus, says the rock 'n' roll club is on guard. Nice try, but still only a pseudo-religious imagination. Dude, I think I know who have you borrowed the new mask from...

I'm hiding? You're free to tell your fans about me, just like you've been telling each other. You're just too afraid to do that, because you all know my contagion could destroy yours. I'm just too busy here to engage myself in becoming the "worker" of the moment, a digital ego influencer. So do yourself a favor, hysterical show lover, and don't try to enclose your long known open wickedness with the appearance of spirituality. That's not a good influence you've been learning from your "christian" fellows. We can always uncover it.

There's no real madness against it all in your bullshit.

It's not liberating, fool.

Looking Forward

I can't blame anyone for leaving me behind and keeping going, because I understand that's what people do when they have the false hope, the delusional expectation that the whole thing could still be great. Besides, I did it first, I decided. I could never stay and be "good"; I could foresee all the avoidable hurts and the temptation to turn bad. No matter where I were, it'd still be the wicked and adulterous generation.

You shouldn't doubt your own decision, looking back to see how far away I've come.

I don't, that if you have no Good, no outcome and income will ever be a sign of luck.

The whole lot of us knows that.

sexta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2022

My Gift

I breathe Cinema.

I've been around once and I'll be around again and forever.

Nobody Is Seeing

Some play monsters, others play angels. Don't be "innocent", this is a world accustomed to the appearance and the emptiness. When you have nothing to hear and don't wanna be smart, god's going to be the dumb imaginary friend you'd like to have, the one who has nothing to say. Is God watching and seeing not the lies and injustice, looking away, for what's been done? Or is that "justification" only the wicked desire for a blind god who has nothing to do? You know few really wanna change.

Do not surrender to "religion" and "protection"; do not kiss the fake friend.

That's this survivor's advice to you.

Red, Black And White

It matters to feel real.

It's my Time to spread the greatest fear.

quinta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2022

Take Me Upstairs

I'll always have something to say; I have Infinity and It is no imitation of the real thing. So, too bad if you didn't believe me, for I have It from the start; you just didn't know I wait for the right time to let the hidden thing out. The bad news is you need to hear very little from someone else to believe in him or her when you have faith.

We just don't belong to the same tower and we're not the same builders.

We'll never shed another tear for being a part of your party.

quarta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2022

Chance In Your Field?

Opportunities and a life that has a future: is it alright to want them? Not when you believe, know, feel All is the right thing, becoming the only thing you care about.

Searching Late

When you think the day is done, there could still be something for the fearless to find late in the night. That one I found on Tubi.

Are you in love with your false self, seeing beauty in your deformed soul and choosing to live for the moment, afraid of missing out? It could be scary to imagine a life screwed up for making a foolish effort to be confident and a part of it. Don't watch it if you don't know what you want, because to be safe it's not enough to tell yourself that you know who you are. That is, unless you believe that knowing yourself does not depend on, has no relationship with knowing the Truth whatsoever.

How long can self-confidence keep you going until you see it was all in vain?

Imagine tomorrow, start again today.

terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2022

Missing... Out?

The independent of Truth solutions of false self...

All Set Up

You must mean, "I'm never leaving". I can foretell what I'm going to hear, and it can't bring me down and make me sad anymore; I'm too far gone into the moment. I know you would love to see me on the ground forever, listening to what you don't have to say, because I'm harder to conquer than any fan you've got. You should really quit and not persist in your obsession.

Just like her, I can't stay.

You'd better know I'm not from your world.

Should've Seen It Coming

It had to happen sometime.

Salve Salve

Mátria amada, idolatrada.

Shine On

She's a star of great strength, so trying to turn her off is useless.