sábado, 26 de fevereiro de 2022

You All Are A Fraud

The guy sitting at the side of satan and recently frightened by the imagination of dying from the virus, says the rock 'n' roll club is on guard. Nice try, but still only a pseudo-religious imagination. Dude, I think I know who have you borrowed the new mask from...

I'm hiding? You're free to tell your fans about me, just like you've been telling each other. You're just too afraid to do that, because you all know my contagion could destroy yours. I'm just too busy here to engage myself in becoming the "worker" of the moment, a digital ego influencer. So do yourself a favor, hysterical show lover, and don't try to enclose your long known open wickedness with the appearance of spirituality. That's not a good influence you've been learning from your "christian" fellows. We can always uncover it.

There's no real madness against it all in your bullshit.

It's not liberating, fool.