quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2022

Esc Ctrl

Death awaits and they have not the least hope of dodging her, for when it comes to pleasing they only know how to do it all for ego and their breath of life is nothing like Enoch's. Then there's that "hope" for afterlife, but it is the same that the pharaohs had, of continuation of a selfish dream they don't want to wake up from, a selfish life they don't want to end.

The "unconditional love" they love to hear about is that which gives one freedom to hurt and be condemned not, because their words and works remind them everyday that if that knowledge is true, if it's not only a made-up story to scare and control people, hell awaits too.

What if that happens? Oh, it will, because it does not exist.

The fear of the Light and knowledge of Truth do.