terça-feira, 22 de março de 2022

Heaven Can't Wait

Life depends on the Gift; surviving not is not an option. Because some cheap souls find "good" in the distracting delusional numbers of the "success" dead game, but there will always be those poor in spirit and truly ambitious who are not that easily deceived. So, what if they break This? You just go back to the Rock; you wouldn't see any other option for you.

Your "friends" are not "famous" and they don't have millions on their "social" network. When compared to those people, what could their hundreds mean? Maybe they're more expensive... they give Truth, taking that which is of the same quality only. Is that the case? Hardly ever. Those with greater "success" are models there, and who are your "friends" to disagree with the world? Thinkers?

The "ambition" is one and the same. In that dictionary, "rich" is also defined as empty numbers, and that does not require humility at all. If they're not looking for "fame", the one thing that is most likely motivating them to work hard is still "prosperity", a bank account with many purposeless digits. It's swapping one lie for another. Needless to say, "religious" repressed people do that to try and escape the guilt without having to give up the "desire".

When they break the "bond", what's exactly on their minds? A moment of foundational lucidity? Almost never. They're not absolutely rejecting falsehood; it's not that they are forsaking the "faith" they have in "love"... they break with one, keep it with hundreds, thousands, millions; they break with one, build the same with a new "good" for him or her. The unsatisfiable and adulterous generation's "hope" is foolishly endless.

Those who were mean and unkind, the indifferent quantity ones who left me behind to find that "special" place ahead, instead of seeking the Bond, they helped me to sharpen my perception of reality. Being an attentive student at Her laboratory, I can detect that which brings up the question: has Wisdom ever really begun there? My experiences are all a conscious faithful Science, where all is observed looking for Truth.

There is need of only one Connection, which is the Source of every other real one.

Heaven is truly looking forward.

Their future is not as our Future.